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"Over the years, Jay Younts has been my personal Gandalf, my Mr. Miagi, my Paul. With fatherly wisdom and genuine care, Jay offers us this prayerful life-guide, showing us how to live life from God’s perspective and not our own, keeping us right-side up in a world that feels upside down."

Kirk Cameron: Actor, Film Producer


"Younts turns our attention to hope found in the mercy of God and the provision he has made for mankind in the sinless life and sacrificial death of his Son, Jesus Christ. This book will provide encouragement and hope in these scary times."

Dr. Tedd Tripp: Author, Pastor, Conference Speaker

Sarah Myers Headshot.jpeg

"When I ask myself the people who reminded me the most of Christ, Jay Younts is on the top of my list. He has been there to answer my questions and give me peace from God's word in a way I could understand at a time when my world was falling down. I highly recommend."

Sarah Myers, Someone who is helped by Jay


Book Review of EverydayTalk by Jay Younts

"If you are a parent, you need this book. Go out and buy it now and read it as soon as you can. Trust the words of a man who regrets many of his little-moment words, this book will rescue you from you, and in so doing, it will enable you to be a better parent to the children God has placed in your care. If you are not a parent, you need this book as well, because every day you speak words that are shaped by God’s kingdom or yours. Everyday Talk will make you listen to what you say as you react to the situations and relationships of your daily life."

Paul Tripp, Pastor, Author and Conference Speaker


For years, I have benefitted personally and ministerially from the variety of resources that Jay Younts produces by God's grace. Jay provokes me to think and always points me to Christ. Whether it is his writing or his relational teaching, I am confident that you will be challenged and grow from the ministry that God has entrusted to Jay.

Mark E. Shaw, D.Min., Director of Counseling, Grace Fellowship Church, & Founder/President of The Addiction Connection


"Jay Younts offers Christ’s church a lifetime of experience, a depth of knowledge of Scripture, and most importantly, a sincere love for God and others. He has been a blessing to me personally, and he is a source of counsel and wisdom that I regularly rely on in my own life. If you want resources that are both biblical and practical, then I highly recommend to you Jay Younts’ ministry."

Dr. Daniel R. Berger II, Founder and Director of Alethia International Ministries (AIM), where he continues to write and to speak around the world in churches, organizations, medical communities, and at various counseling and teacher's conferences


About Jay

Jay Younts and his late wife, Ruth Younts,  and are grateful parents of 2 daughters, 3 sons, and are grandparents to 5 wonderful grandchildren. It has been Jay's privilege for the last 40 years to teach, counsel, and write about biblical parenting.

Over the years, his passion for this topic has grown into a YouTube channel where Jay hopes to reach the many families and individuals who need daily encouragement from God's Word. He currently serves as an elder in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and is honored to be a member of Village Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC.

Since 2000, Jay has provided a number of specialized therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. Patient well-being is his number one priority, and Jay goes above and beyond to help them through all their obstacles.