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Christian Books by Jay Younts


Everyday Talk: Talking Freely and Naturally About God With Your Children

Learn how to use ordinary conversations to show your kids the goodness and wisdom of God.

God first gave specific instructions for being a parent in Deuteronomy 6. He instructs parents to talk to their children everyday about God and His ways. Everyday Talk offers practical, creative ways to do that. With clear biblical teaching, John Younts illustrates how to lead your children into a greater awareness of the presence and glory of God.

Book Review by

Paul Tripp,

Pastor, Author and Conference Speaker

"If you are a parent, you need this book. Go out and buy it now and read it as soon as you can. Trust the words of a man who regrets many of his little-moment words, this book will rescue you from you, and in so doing, it will enable you to be a better parent to the children God has placed in your care. If you are not a parent, you need this book as well, because every day you speak words that are shaped by God’s kingdom or yours. Everyday Talk will make you listen to what you say as you react to the situations and relationships of your daily life."


When Life Turns Upside Down

Finding Stability through God's Comforting Peace

When Life Turns Upside Down: Finding Stability through God's Comforting Peace is a small book for ordinary people, and those who help them, facing new and challenging circumstances such as the coronavirus.

Mankind is not in control of the world. Throughout history there have been moments when God has made this powerfully clear in the space of a heartbeat. These are the times when life seems to turn upside down.


Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage: A Biblical Handbook for Parents

A Biblical Handbook for Parents

Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage is written for parents of teenagers and soon-to-be-teenagers. The short, approachable chapters written by a dad who has been through it offer wisdom, guidance and application on tough subjects. Includes six sample conversations to help parents navigate these challenging topics.
ly insightful, and fun to read. After completing each chapter and its real world conversation, I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter to see how these interrelated concepts came together to paint a full and rich picture, for me and my children, of God’s goodness and of his extravagant gift of marriage and sex. Enjoy!" —Kirk Cameron

Get Wisdom

Get Wisdom! 23 Lessons for Children About Living for Jesus

Question: What do our kids need? Answer: They need wisdom. "Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom..." Proverbs 4:7

Designed for parents or teachers to use with children from K-5-through Grade 4, twenty-three lessons illustrate qualities of wisdom and godliness. Each lesson is presented in a simple format with illustrations to capture the attention of the child, and supplemented at the back of the book with suggestions for teaching the lesson. Every child of God both adults and children should work hard to show these traits more and more, because we love Jesus and want to be like him. That s easier said than done, isn't it? We struggle with sin every day, and we will fail. The lessons remind us that when we do, we will find forgiveness and the grace to continue to get wisdom at the foot of the Cross.

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Click below to listen to Jay Younts being interviewed by Kevin Boling regarding his book Everyday Talk on Sex & Marriage

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